Kocaeli's Industry Fair

With its strong industrial structure, added value, R&D centers, logistics advantages, and access to information and human resources, Kocaeli, the center of the industry, offers a different digital exhibition experience with SANTEK DIJITAL. SANTEK DIJITAL, which brings together industrial companies and the world of R&D, advanced technology, informatics and software on a single platform, is the most effective way of accessing domestic/foreign markets, thanks to its powerful industrial database and categorical and semantic search possibilities.

Digital world digital goals

SANTEK DIGITAL offers its participants a professional environment where they can establish important business connections with strong access and interaction opportunities in the new era of digitalization of commercialization. You can present your products to the visitors with videos and images, participate in simultaneous events, promote your brand in digital halls and stands, and experience strong marketing and advertising privileges by accessing new domestic and foreign markets by being at the forefront of our industrial database.

The colorful world of commercialization

Introducing your company to the colorful world of commercialization with its infrastructure that offers translation and ordering in 7 languages, SANTEK DIGITAL offers different experiences in the digital journey to world markets. SANTEK DIGITAL, enriched with cooperation offers and purchase requests; It brings together the automotive and automotive sub-industry, electricity, electronics and robotics, automation, welding technologies, production machinery, metal and sheet metal processing machinery, iron and steel industry, construction and building industry sectors under the same roof.

B2B Digital Virtual Fair

SANTEK DIJITAL's communication and B2B infrastructure paves the way for commercial meetings. With B2B, which changes traditional business models, you can find better customer satisfaction and support, and bring your new products and services to market faster.

From the block to the hall, from the hall to the stand, From the stand to the product

At SANTEK DIGITAL, you can easily reach every point you want to go with one click. Experience the convenience of quick access from the block to the hall, from the hall to the stand, from the stand to the product. To access all products, click the "all products" tab in the top menu.

Continuous Access

At SANTEK DIGITAL, which brings vitality to the commercial life of our country, experience the ease of accessing the products both from the stands and from the search/filtering database. The accounts of visitors and participating companies are always open on santekb2b.globalpiyasa.com.